Nina Vrbanová

(*1986, Bojnice, Slovak Republic)

Nina Vrbanová is curator and contemporary art critic. She graduated from the Institute of Literary and Artistic Communication at Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra and the Faculty of Philosophy of Charles University in Prague. Between 2009 and 2013, she worked as a project manager and curator for the Cyprián Majerník Gallery in Bratislava. Until 2014, she worked as editor of Rider – Print of The Contemporary Art Movement Wall Gazzete. She is a member of the Slovak Section of the International Association of Critics AICA. Since 2014, she has worked in Kunsthalle Bratislava as curator, and currently as its appointed director / chief curator. Between 2010 and 2016, she completed her PhD in aesthetics at the Faculty of Philosophy at Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra (the theme of her dissertation thesis was “Public Privacy. Semiotic of Visual Phenomena”). She is primarily engaged in developing concepts, in the implementation of curatorial exhibitions as well as in the critical reflection of current trends in visual arts (not only) in Slovakia. Occasionally she publishes in domestic and international professional periodicals and writes reviews on diploma and dissertation theses of artists. She is the founding director of Kunsthalle Bratislava as an independent state-contributory organization of the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic.